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picky1 Cawsand Bay Sailing Club has been sailing continuously close to Plymouth Sound since the late 1970s. Prior to that there were a number of groups who sailed here, often combined as Rowing/Sailing. In our hey-day we were on the Hobie National Circuit but time has shown that this produces too much pressure on our environment. picky2
picky3 At present we are grateful to the Cawsand Bay Hotel on The Bound in Cawsand for its hospitality. We sail on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings. (More details within). To join you can contact us under General - Contacts or Hover Here. picky4
picky5 We remain a small friendly club with no formal premises and significantly no dinghy park. We share the public beach with rowers, divers, swimmers, canoeists, castle builders and sunbathers. It is therefore important that we ensure our behaviour is sympathetic to others. picky6
Pictures are from the Gallery's "Regatta 11 Day2"
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